Permasteelisa Group

  • Project: Closed Cavity Façade systems
  • Location: worldwide

Permasteelisa Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of facades and in steel construction.

For the German subsidiary Josef Gartner GmbH, we have developed a compressed air system which strictly meets the requirements for the actively ventilated façade of the type: "Closed Cavity Façades" (CCF).

All requirements for energy efficiency, operating and maintenance costs as well as highest operational safety and longevity were fulfilled. The CCF facades are supplied with variable system pressure by our MGT-LECV compressor systems, depending on the season. As a result, only as much air is generated as is actually required in the space between the panes to reliably prevent condensation. All components have been designed for energy efficiency and longevity. State-of-the-art PLC control technology ensures safe plant operation. Via our remote maintenance module the compressor system is able to communicate directly to the building management and our service engineers.

Since 2009, we design and manufacture customer-specific solutions that take into account all technical building requirements. As standard, our systems are equipped with an energy management system to obtain accurate data on energy consumption.

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