• Project: Renewal Compressed air station
  • Location: Kisslegg, Allgaeu, Germany
  • Components:
    • 2x Gardner Denver CompAir DH22RS, modified
    • Mader KKT Heat Recovery Control

The Kisslegg Kaesefreunde GmbH is a certified "demeter" organic dairy and specialized in the production of mozzarella. As part of the modernization of the compressed air station, a complete solution was developed and installed by MADER. The two water-cooled, oil-free screw compressors of the type CompAir DH22RS were already pre-modified at the MADER plant due to the limited space available. So the pumps for the cooling water circuits and the heat exchangers as well as the sensors were built into the compressor chassis and only the control cabinet had to be installed externally. This allowed the installation time on site to be reduced to a minimum. Due to an available ice water supply, refrigeration dryers could be completely dispensed, as MADER developed an energetically better alternative for this purpose, which used the ice water. The PLC control software has been developed by MADER.

The investment of this turnkey solution was supported by the German Government BAFA funding scheme "Cross-sectional technologies".