• Project : Pulsation damping, energy optimization
  • Location : Munich

For the traditional and world-famous Hofbraeuhaus in Munich, MADER has carried out several successful projects. For example, MADER was commissioned as a piston specialist for vibration and pulsation decoupling of an existing piston compressor system. The decoupling modules developed by MADER completely eliminated the suction pulsation. No annoying "rumbling" of the piston compressor penetrates to the outside.

Furthermore, in the course of an energy consultation, a heat recovery system from MADER was introduced into the compressor station.

Another significant energy saving was realized in the field of brewer grain removal by now using Energy Proceeding´s "Treber-blow unit". The brewer grain produced during the brewing process is removed in many breweries with conventional compressed air. This is very expensive and energy consuming. The Hofbraeuhaus saves not only energy, but hard cash! And that at 0% environmental risk, since the power blow works oil-free and the grains are not contaminated with any harmful lubricants.